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Sunil Goyal
Managing Partner, SRG Group Leader

Anil Goyal
Managing Partner, Taxation and Audit

Praveen Goyal
Head, Risk and Internal Audit

Ajay Atolia
Head, Statutory Audit, Taxation and IP

Ashish Gupta
Internal and Financial Institution Audit

Sudeep Goyal
Head, Company law and legal Matters

Anurag Goyal
Head, Statutory Audit and Direct Taxation

Deepak Goyal
Head, Indirect Taxation

Umang Saraf
Internal Audit

Ramesh Khandelwal
Head, Project Financing

Anshu Goyal
Internal Audit

Nikita Bharatkumar Goyal
Company Law and Bank Audit

Hiteshi Goyal
Statutory Audit

Anand Praeek
Direct Taxation