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Following Type of Internal Audits are being carried out by us:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting Audit
  • Management Audit
  • Operational Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • Information Technology Audit
  • Control Process Audit
  • Payroll Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Environmental Audit

Assignment of various Internal Audit assist the client in the following areas:

  • Review and assistance in the preparation of financial statements on a periodic basis.
  • Assessing/ preparing internal audit manual for the organization and study of control objectives.
  • Advising existing organizational procedures being followed and suggesting suitable changes as per organizational requirement
  • Improve accountability of the employees/ department of the organisations and ensure that systems and processes are followed properly.
  • Evaluation of departments for internal controls, if exists
  • Improve Business Process and identify the business risk so that it can be mitigated timely.
  • Mapping of risk with financial ledgers.
  • Consideration of Fraud in internal audit.
  • Early warning to the Management on deficiencies or loopholes in the business.
  • Assessment of Risk, preparation of RCM and implementation of ICFOR.
  • Assist to business organisation in timely statutory and legal compliances
  • Legal and situational internal control advisory.
  • Excellent source of advice for the Management team.